Arc Spray Aluminium or TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminium)

Arc Spraying Aluminium

Arc Spray Aluminium also known as TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminium)  is a process that uses an electric arc to melt aluminium wires. Compressed air passes through a nozzle that atomises the molten metal and sprays it onto the object. Aluminium Arc spray is used for corrosion protection and wear resistance.  Aluminium Arc Spraying can be used to spray large areas and a large variety of components.

Aluminium arc spraying works well for coatings items such as lamp posts, machinery, agricultural parts, mining equipment and marine components, providing good corrosion protection.

Arc Spray Aluminium coating is used by large offshore mining companies for corrosion under insulation  Many governments and councils are now appling TSA coatings to bridges and infrastructure to prolong life and reduce repeated maintenance requirements.

Thermal Spray aluminium coatings are taking over from both painting and hot-dip galvanizing because of it's effectiveness, costings, and convenience. 

 Arc spray Aluminium protects damaged areas, provide a degree of abrasion resistance and are effective in high temperatures. TSA coatings can be used to protect structures, piping, ships, towers, even concrete. They can be used for decorative effects or non-skid applications such as steps and carrier decks.

Arc Aluminum Spray coating

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