Sand blasting in Western Australia for over 25 years

Absolute Blast is an abrasive blasting, surface preparation, rust prevention and spray painting company operating in Wangara, Perth. Our quality control, eye for detail and NACE certifications ensure a quality job every time.

Sandblasting | Garnet Blasting | Abrasive Blasting

We offer on-site surface preparation and coating solutions employing state-of-the-art abrasive garnet blasting, high-pressure water blasting, whip & dry blasting, shot or grit blasting, soda and glass bead blasting methods.

Commercial, Mining & Industrial SandBlasting

Absolute Blast Abrasive Blasting offers superior blast cleaning, surface preparation and a full range of high quality industrial and protective coatings in our purpose built, all weather facilities. We get the job done on time and inside budget.

Steam Cleaning & Chemical Cleaning

At Absolute Blast we offer a great range in industrial chemical cleaning services our customers are across Perth on a range of jobs. Chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, high pressure water blasting and degreasing.

Agricultural Equipment, Auto, Marine & Speciality Sandblasting

Protect or restore your agriculture machinery, boats or cars, machinery parts, mining equipment and sculptures from rust, corrosion & wear with advanced protective coatings.

Protective Coating | Rust Prevention | Spray Painting

Whether you are a small business or large industrial corporation we are happy to help you complete your industrial painting and protective coating job, hassle-free!  Primers, powder coating, spray  painting, corrosive protection and high-quality paint finishes with a NACE certified inspection available.